First we play ! What do we play ? To look at ? What to look at ? All that is material, our Tools, technologies… Now imagine.. Your lab. A place where we fiddle with, a workshop where we strip tv, where we add components to computers, where we recycle remote control pieces, where we change use, where we question the needs, where we find tricks, where we build machines, inventions… Today, let you bring to foresee technologies through creative and daily use. Let’s have a party ! This the 10th anniversary of Mains d’Œuvres and also the 5 years old of the CRAS (Art Sensitif Resource Centre)

Saturday, september 10th :
Play : from 15H30
Meet : from 18H
Party : from 20H

Free entrance

With Corinne Laurent, Yro, Florence Bost, Jason Cook, Iduun, Maurin Donneaud, Pascale Gustin, Toys’R’Noise, Under Construction, Vincent Roudaut...

Info : Agnès Le Foulgoc +33

The CRAS or Art Sensitif Resource Centre welcomes publics who wish to learn and test real time interaction technologies in Art : artists, students, teachers and all artistic and technological partners. The CRASlab consists of a show-room dedicated to the demonstration and self-learning on sensors and actuators and accompanies also educative programs about free hardware and free software like Freeduino, CUI, Processing and Pure Data.

“The Open Ateliers are opened time, for exchanges and practices around digital creation and open source multimedia tools” Proposed initially by medialab PING, the concept spreads little by little in others places …

Saturday afternoon in 3 times :?
Play, meet and party !

15H30-17H30, workshop for all

« Under connexion » is a full size game, in working progress that questions digital stakes from 1960 to nowadays. Through social organization, politics, ecology and tools you will find answers at the same time as discovering artistic projects and alternative functioning.
Lead by Under Construction, in residency in Mains d’Œuvres.

from 18H

The restaurant will be invaded by tummies, prototypes, inventions, demonstrations, tools, projects and materials. The participants from the night course Arduino will present their projects in a Barcamp ambient : participating workshop-event, opened to everybody !

A exhibition space with installations :

ENDOSCOPIE - Corinne Laurent

OUT OF ORDER - Jason Cook

AKUERY - Yro / Jesse Lucas

PYANO - Yro / Romain Serrate, Pierce Warnecke

from 20H

The digital creation is celebrated in Mains d’Œuvres for its 10 years old and the 5 years old of CRAS.



EILE par Yro

857 CLUSTERS par Pascale Gustin