ARFF Paris 2019 Screening w//French Kissed Sessions

Around International Film Festival

Around International Film Festival 2019 Official Paris Screening

Ballet and Bullets : Dancing Out of the Favela
Frederick Bernas&Rayan Hindi (Brazil)
Chances Equality-Lane Forbes (France)
Shred - Akihiko Matsuzawa (offscreen) (Japan)
* Semi Finalist Showcase Screening *

    Edunation - Dr. K. M Vasudevan Pillai (India)
    Sharp Tools - Nujoom Alghanem (United Arab Emirates)
    A Force in Nature : Jóhann Eyfells - Hayden de M. Yates (US)
    Rtioma - Ruby Yang (Hong Kong)
    Sev & The City - Yanis Josephine (Spain)
    Swans : Mystery of the Missing - Amber Cherry Eames (UK)

BEST ANIMATION FINALISTS : (01.30pm – 01.55pm)
TWALKING - Lorenzo Gonnelli (Italy)
My Moon - Eusong Lee (United States)
METEORLIGHT - Jonny Eveson (United Kingdom)

    Guess How Much I Love You - Jo Boag (Australia)
    One Day - Si Jiang (United Kingdom)
    Watermelon : A Cautionary Tale - Kefei Li, Connie Qin He (US)
    Pharaoh - Derrick Forkel & Mitchell Jao(United States)

STUDENT FILM FINALISTS : (2pm – 2.50 pm)
# RELATABLE - Ran Bensimon (Israel)
When Sky Was Sea - Ryan Tian (United Kingdom)
After Adeena - Kulbir Singh (Singapore)

    Falling Stars - Mattia Chiaravalloti (United Kingdom)
    Swift - Byeo Ri Kim, Hae Deun Woo and Ye Bin Ahn (US)
    Girls in Space - Caroline Iaffaldano (United States)
    Lalo’s House - Kelley Kali (United States)
    Commotion - Bryan Wynn Sutton (United States)
    Sans Titre - Patrik Howanitz (Austria)

ARFF FRENCH KISSED Session I // (3pm -3.50pm)
Alone - Antoine Laurens (France)
Chimere - Nathan Vaillant (France)
Aboriginal Radio - Adrien Sommen (France) // PREMIERE

Time Ruins Everything - Demoie Montego, Paul Roeser (US)
Structures of Nature - Martin Gerigk (Germany)
The Death of Marat - Zhidong Shi (China)

    Eyes of Sky - Eray Dinç (Turkey)
    Hippopoetess - Francesca Fini (Italy)
    Malefica - Alexander Paspa (United States)
    Imperfect Unless Performed In Blood - Rami el Sabbagh (LB)
    AWAKE - Brenden Savi, Haas Carter (United States)
    Asanawa - The art of Shibari Assi Sultan Sultan (Australia)

The Hemingway Shot - Alessio De Nicola (Australia)
Miklat - Matan Yaniv (offscreen) (Israel)
ButterScotch - Courtney Paige (offscreen) (United States)
* Semi Finalist Showcase Screening *

    Dr. Sugar - Paul Saleba (United States)
    Just a cup of tea - Muhammad Belaal Imran (Pakistan)
    Characters - Sir Franz Pagot, Rizwan Wadan (United Kingdom)
    The Song of Burying Flower - Xiaohan Ma (China)
    Luna - Chou Yu Cheng (Taiwan)
    Salvador - Manuel Paz Ochoa (United States)

ARFF FRENCH KISSED SessionII // (5.30pm -6.30pm)
Dna Of Wild Beasts - Delphine Montaigne (France)
Happy Summer days - Enzo Martin (France)
Dunk - Martin, Sophie (France)

BEST SHORT FILM FINALISTS : (6.45pm – 7.15pm)
Life ! - Ramesh Jai (Ghana)
Velvet Dreamland - Joanna Cristina Nelson (Germany)
Someday - J.S.Mayank (United States) // FR. PREMIERE

    It’s okay to eat fish, because they don’t have any feelings. Stefan Koutzev (Bulgaria)
    Selsey Bill - Jake Mavity (United Kingdom)
    Stealth - Astor Stark (United States)
    Wild Butterfly - Yuen Ching Yip (China)
    Boys - Ken Yang (Taiwan)
    The Child is the Mother of the Man - Lucy Warren Bidwell (US)

BEST DIRECTOR FINALISTS : (7.30pm – 8.20pm)
Night Song - Henriett Tunyogi (Hungary)
Speed of Memory - Zhen Yang (offscreen) (China)
The Hunted - Benn Jae (New Zealand) // EU. PREMIERE
* Semi Finalist Showcase Screening *

    2 Nations, 1 Obsession - Peter Dickson (Australia)
    9,8 m/s2 Michael Vaynberg (United States)
    Wall on Heart ZHANG Weiping (China)
    Ruffians - Alexandre Jallali (Belgium)
    Lord Of Hope - Mitchell Gibson, Tiffany Irvin, Kathy Gibson (US)
    A Rose in Winter - Joshua Sinclair, Vittorio Storaro (Austria)

ARFF FRENCH KISSED Session III // 8.30pm – 9.25pm
We had to kill Lady Death - Lucie Weeger (France)
Reflection - Eloïse Frammery (France)
« a land shaped by women » Anne-Flore Marxer (France)

*** 21.30 – 22.00 ARFF PARIS // Certificate Presentation ***

MUSIC VIDEO FINALISTS : (10.10pm – 11.20pm)
Goldfingers - Iliona Blanc (United States)
Son Lux // The Fool You Need - Jean-Paul Frenay (France)
Elliot Moss "99" - Masaki SHIMENO (France)
Long time - Cassandre Émanuel (Canada)
Unhappy Holiday - Anna Haas (United States)
Golden Boy - Mathieu Mullier (France)
WIINSTON - Lala - Joachim Morre, Søren Kahr (Denmark)
Feeling Low : Lubiana - Semoulin Mehdi (Belgium)
Ice Teens :Maud Geffray - Thomas Vernay (FB Banner) (France)
The Middle - Son Little Daria Geller (Israel)
FHIN- Around Away - VIRGINIA BACH (France)
Dimitri&The Scarecrow-Intimate War-Dimitri Kwenda(Zimbabwe)
Cash Out - Hen Makhluf - Germany

INKTIP Prize Package Winners
"No News" - Dir&Writer : Miguel Berzal de Miguel
’’Nos Voyages Invisibles’’ - Dir&Writer : Xavier Ameller
’’Adrift in Soho’’ - Dir:Pablo Behrens / Writers : Colin Wilson & Pablo Behrens

’’Based On a True Story’’